AEC CEO Congratulates Kingdom’s Leaders on the Occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan
24 Apr 2020
AEC CEO Congratulates Kingdom’s Leaders on the Occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan

CEO of the Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Duailej, extended Ramadan greetings to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques HRH King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, and the Saudi community on behalf of himself and the company’s employees.

He prayed for the prosperity of the Muslim community and for their good deeds to be accepted by Allah, and for the holy month to bring about peace and blessings for the Kingdom as well as the Arab and Islamic nations. He prayed that the Kingdom be kept safe from enemies, disasters, and diseases, and for the nation to enjoy peace, prosperity, and security under its wise leadership.

AEC Showcases Advanced Military System and Technology Solutions at the 2020 Electronic Warfare and Radar International Conference
09 Mar 2020
AEC Showcases Advanced Military System and Technology Solutions at the 2020 Electronic Warfare and Radar International Conference

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 9 March 2020: The Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) is participating in the 6th edition of the 2020 Electronic Warfare and Radar International Conference held at the Hilton Hotel in Riyadh on 9 and 10 March. The company is one of the sponsors of the leading conference, which seeks to develop a powerful and sustainable security and military industries system in the Kingdom.

AEC demonstrates its strong presence in the conference through its advanced military intelligence showcase in the category of electronic warfare solutions and products. The company’s showcases solutions and services including RoIP communications systems, data diode cybersecurity device, anti-drone systems, electronic intelligence, and electronic counter measures.

AEC CEO Mr. Abdulaziz Al Duailej explained that the current edition of the Electronic Warfare and Radar International Conference is important as it is held in conjunction with the Kingdom’s successful directives towards achieving its ambitious objectives for economic diversification and strategic independence. He explained that the company benefits from the event by developing systems and solutions to support security readiness and build military capabilities in the Kingdom and achieve self-sufficiency, in addition to creating suitable job opportunities for young Saudi talents.

He noted that the company’s approach relies on giving qualified and trained Saudi talents leadership positions, where they demonstrate their success, excellence, and ability to supervise and execute the company’s major vital projects. This approach helped the company demonstrate its abilities and excellence within an effective economic and security system on which the Kingdom relies for current and future development plans.

“We are looking forward to cooperating with our new strategic partners and paving the way towards technology transfer in order to upgrade our national capabilities within our commitment to play a leading role in realizing the Vision’s objectives to localize 50% of military and security spending in the Kingdom by the year 2030,” he said.

By supporting and participating in the event, and as a national company with deep roots in the Kingdom’s defence sector, AEC will shed light on its continual efforts to commit to building a sustainable and reliable military and security industries sector in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by focusing on the localization of military industries and defence systems and technologies through technology and knowledge transfer with international partners.

AEC Participates in 3rd IoT Exhibition and Conference
08 Mar 2020
AEC Participates in 3rd IoT Exhibition and Conference

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 8 March 2020: The Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) is participating in the 3rd Saudi IoT Exhibition and Conference held at the Riyadh International Convention Center on 8-10 March. The event brings together all the components of the digital ecosystem and integrated technology in a unique platform that supports the state’s efforts to begin the Kingdom’s digital transformation journey and stimulate technological development in the region.


AEC is participating as one of the main sponsors of the conference, which is a gateway for unique opportunities in the Kingdom’s rapidly-growing technology sector. The participation also stems from the importance of AEC as one of the main drivers of digital transformation, and out of the company’s keenness in being present in this important technology event that gathers technology leaders and experts under one roof.


On this occasion, AEC CEO Mr. Abdulaziz Al Duailej expressed his happiness with the company’s continuous participation in major events, which promotes the company’s role as a primary driver of digital transformation in the Kingdom. He noted that the Saudi IoT Conference is a platform through which the company showcases all its innovative technical solutions and services and strengthens its relationship with strategic partners inside and outside the Kingdom. The latter allows for the exchange of new visions for current and future trends in the digital ecosystem and helps achieve continuity in the development of systems and solutions as well as the development of the Kingdom’s technical capabilities in security and digital sectors. In addition, it paves the road for the company to achieve its aspirations to transfer and localize technology and enhance national capabilities, as part of AEC’s commitment to actively contribute to fulfilling the objectives of Vision 2030.


Through this event, the company seeks to shed light on its advanced digital range in cybersecurity, electronic sectors, e-health, and smart solutions such as smart city solutions, the data diode, smart healthcare solutions, smart mosques, and asset tracking system.

AEC Participating in the Cisco Connect Saudi 2020
04 Mar 2020
AEC Participating in the Cisco Connect Saudi 2020

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 4 March 2020: In an effort to affirm its commitment to continual digital transformation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) is participating in the Cisco Connect Saudi 2020 event held on 4-5 March at the Hilton Hotel in Riyadh.

During its participation, AEC showcases a range of solutions and services based on Cisco systems, including data centre optimization systems and network security solutions. It also shed light on its strategy to contribute to the creation of a strong ecosystem for digital infrastructure in accordance with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

AEC attends the event as one of the strategic partners of Cisco by offering several products in the fields of enterprise and cloud networks, security, and data centres, all of which are used across broad sectors, including the public sector, healthcare, and institutions.

On this occasion, AEC CEO Mr. Abdulaziz Al Duailej revealed the company’s major role in contributing to advancing digital transformation in the Kingdom as a regional leader in the field of electronic industries and technology in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. He praised the strategic partnership with international partners such as Cisco and its impact on the company’s leading innovations in developing technology and securing advanced systems and solutions. He noted that such systems and solutions help clients create a modern work environment that matches modern requirements and allows them to develop their production capacity and technical competencies.

The data centre enhancement services in AEC are part of the company’s existing approach to delivering solutions that help clients transform and operate their data centres and enhance performance, security, and governance in applications, servers, and storage by standardizing distribution, streamlining saving, and facilitating the management and measurement of data centres. In addition, enterprise network security enables organizations to utilize the intelligence of the network to make more informed decisions on cyber policies and threats.

AEC Receives Best in Saudization Award in Manufacturing Sector from Saudi ARAMCO’s iktva Program
01 Mar 2020
AEC Receives Best in Saudization Award in Manufacturing Sector from Saudi ARAMCO’s iktva Program

Riyadh, 27 March 2020: The Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) won the Excellence Award in the category of Best in Saudization in the Manufacturing Sector from the iktva Program by Saudi ARAMCO. The award was presented during the annual iktva Exhibition and Forum held in Dhahran Exhibition Center on 24 and 25 February 2020.

The iktva Excellence Awards recognize the efforts of the partners of Saudi ARAMCO who display continued outstanding performance in achieving local added value, which is part of the program adopted by ARAMCO. Award winners are considered role models for other companies through their contributions to supporting Saudi ARAMCO’s journey towards achieving its objectives, at the forefront of which is the localization of the supply chain by 70% and the increase of exports by 30% by the year 2021.

AEC’s winning of this award is a recognition of its efforts in supporting Saudi talents, as Saudis represent more than 80% of the company’s 1,200+ employees, including 300 trained, qualified, and certified Saudi engineers working across the company’s different departments.

AEC CEO Mr. Abdulaziz Al Duailej expressed his pride in this accomplishment, which represents the company’s directives to attract Saudi talents and develop their skills to build a professional national working team that supports and drives the company to the ranks of major global companies to fulfill the aspirations of the Kingdom’s leadership and realize the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

AEC is a Saudi leader in electronics, technology, and manufacturing. Established in 1988, it works in four main sectors: aerospace and defence, information and communications technology, energy and security.

Saudi ARAMCO Signs Agreement with Advanced Electronics Company
24 Feb 2020
Saudi ARAMCO Signs Agreement with Advanced Electronics Company

Saudi ARAMCO and the Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) signed an agreement for the joint development and manufacturing of the data diode, the first-of-its-kind cybersecurity device in the Kingdom. The agreement took place in conjunction with the 5th edition of the In-Kingdom Total Value Add Program for the Supply Sector (IKTVA) organized at the Dhahran International Exhibition Center (Dhahran Expo) in Khobar on 24-25 February 2020.

The data diode is an important cybersecurity tool used to protect networks of vital establishments from cyber-attacks and prevent any external penetration, thereby protecting valuable information and sensitive industrial systems. The device is characterized by its easy installation, configuration, and maintenance, and its data processing speed reaches 10 GB per second.

On this occasion, Saudi ARAMCO Vice President of Information Technology Eng. Youssef Al Olayan stated: “The fact that this device is being developed and manufactured locally and that Saudi ARAMCO is registering two patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office represents a major transformation in the field of cybersecurity. The fruitful collaboration between Saudi ARAMCO and AEC is a great step in the process of localizing advanced technologies that meet the needs of local and global markets.”

Al Olayan described IKTVA as one of the most prominent Saudi ARAMCO initiatives in driving the localization of industries and services and the enhancement of local content. Under the umbrella of IKTVA, the announcement of the launch of the local product is a fulfilment of the Kingdom’s key objectives to localize technologies and achieve self-sufficiency, in addition to building a solid foundation for future cooperation between companies locally.

AEC CEO Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Duailej noted: “This agreement expresses and strengthens the depth of cooperative relations between both companies by achieving national accomplishments that help protect the Kingdom’s assets from sabotage, cybersecurity threats, and foreign attacks.”

Al Duailej added that the data diode ensures the safe transmission of data to provide the highest levels of security for enterprise networks. He noted that it has been developed and manufactured by local talents, as it is one of AEC’s strategic objectives in the field of cybersecurity to realize the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The company works through the security business unit to provide the best cybersecurity systems and solutions for government sectors and private companies.

Organized by Saudi ARAMCO, IKTVA hosts local and international energy supply chain companies, including AEC. It attracts influential executives and global industry leaders.

AEC is one of the leading local companies in designing cybersecurity solutions and enterprise security solutions that help clients respond to attacks and protect their material resources. The company offers solutions in four main sectors: defence and aerospace, communications and information technology, energy, and security.