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SAMI-AEC a Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) company established under the Directives of the Government of Saudi Arabia, SAMI-AEC has traced a Graph of Progressive Development to become a National Technology Asset through the use of Engineering Solutions. Our Expertise in Design & Manufacturing, Repair and Maintenance, and Technology Solutions has Earned the Trust of the Government of Saudi Arabia.

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“Saudization”- Valuing National Talents

SAMI-AEC’s employee mix majorly consists of young, driven, and talented Saudi Nationals. We value the Stellar Abilities of the Saudi Arabian Youth by running Core Training Programs internally and externally.

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Saudi Arabian Military Industries and Saudi Telecom Company Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Defense and Security Sectors with Digital Solutions

Saudi Arabian Military Industries and Saudi Telecom Company Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Defense and Security Sectors with Digital Solutions



[Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, February 4-8] – In a significant development at the World Defense Show, Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) and Saudi Telecom Company (stc) have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This strategic partnership is set to transform Saudi Arabia's defense and security sectors through the integration of innovative digital solutions.



The MoU, signed during the prestigious World Defense Show held from February 4th to 8th, symbolizes a commitment to enhancing the digital infrastructure within the defense and security sectors. The collaboration will focus on developing advanced command and control center services, combining SAMI’s expertise in the military industry with stc’s capabilities in telecommunications.

Eng. Ziad H. AlMusallam, Executive Vice President, Advanced Electronics at SAMI, commented on the partnership: "Signing this MoU at the World Defense Show is a proud moment for us. It marks the beginning of a significant journey with stc to bring forth unparalleled digital solutions in defense and security, reinforcing our nation's protective measures."



Saud Alsheraihi, products and solutions VP at stc, also shared his perspective: "This collaboration with SAMI, forged at such a globally recognized event, showcases our commitment to technological excellence. Together, we are setting a new benchmark in defense and security systems that aligns with the national vision."



The MoU is more than a collaboration; it represents a pioneering initiative in the region, merging military industries with telecommunications. This strategic alliance is a testament to both organizations' dedication to harnessing digital technologies for enhancing national security and defense.



The partnership highlights the mutual benefits and shared expertise of SAMI and stc. As leaders in their fields, their collaboration at the World Defense Show is expected to become a model for public-private partnerships, advancing national interests and technological growth.



In conclusion, a joint statement from the spokespersons of SAMI and stc read: "The MoU between SAMI and stc, signed at the World Defense Show, is a milestone in our commitment to the future of Saudi Arabia’s defense. It embodies our dedication to integrating cutting-edge digital solutions in the defense and security sectors, emphasizing our commitment to technological advancement and strategic collaboration for national security."



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Saudi Arabian Military Industries and Saudi Telecom Company Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Defense and Security Sectors with Digital Solutions

Under the Patronage and Support of SAMI-Advanced Electronics Company, Prince Sultan Bin Salman Inaugurates a Physiotherapy Clinic at the Children with Disabilities Association


Under the Patronage and Support of SAMI-Advanced Electronics Company, Prince Sultan Bin Salman Inaugurates a Physiotherapy Clinic at the Children with Disabilities Association

Clinic to deliver over 24,000 physiotherapy and 20,000 specialist sessions


Riyadh, 05 December 2023: Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud - Advisor to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and Chairman of the Children with Disabilities Association's Board of Directors - the association's physiotherapy clinic was inaugurated and sponsored by SAMI Advanced Electronics Company (SAMI-AEC), a subsidiary of SAMI. The event was attended by Eng. Ziad Al-Musallam, CEO of SAMI-AEC.



SAMI-AEC's involvement in launching the clinic reflects its commitment to the ongoing social responsibility efforts. Since 1995, the company has supported activities enhancing health and well-being, fostering social responsibility, and improving life quality for diverse community groups.



SAMI-AEC is dedicated to enhancing collaboration with the association, aiming to provide top-tier treatment services to its members. The clinic seeks to elevate the health of children with disabilities, employ advanced treatment methods, engage families in rehabilitation, and support the children's successful integration into society.

Currently, 100 children are benefitting from the clinic's services, receiving a total of 24,200 pediatric physiotherapy sessions, 20,873 specialist sessions, and 15,600 service hours. Additionally, 19 physiotherapists offer specialized care to the association's children.



Eng. Walid A. Abukhaled, Chairman of SAMI-AEC, praised the longstanding partnership with the Association, emphasizing the company's commitment to community-focused projects. He highlighted SAMI-AEC's 20-year collaboration with the association, reflecting the company's dedication to social responsibility and its involvement in diverse humanitarian, social, and environmental initiatives.



SAMI-AEC and the Children with Disabilities Association entered a cooperation agreement under the 'Mubadariati' program, encompassing 'My Initiative for Therapeutic Rehabilitation', 'My Educational Initiative', and 'My Specialized Initiative'. This program supports over four thousand children across 11 centers in the Kingdom, utilizing advanced therapeutic technologies like Galileo, Cosmos, Standing and Balance, and therapeutic suites.




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Under the Patronage and Support of SAMI-Advanced Electronics Company, Prince Sultan Bin Salman Inaugurates a Physiotherapy Clinic at the Children with Disabilities Association

SAMI-AEC to Unveil Advanced Technologies at GITEX GLOBAL 2023

The tech giant to highlight its breakthroughs in smart solutions, cybersecurity, digital, and manufacturing while actively seeking pivotal strategic partnerships.



Dubai, 12 October 2023: SAMI Advanced Electronics Company (SAMI-AEC), a wholly owned subsidiary of SAMI, announces its 19th consecutive participation in GITEX GLOBAL 2023. This renowned global tech event is scheduled to take place at the Dubai World Trade Center from 16 to 20 October. Through this platform, SAMI-AEC aspires to reiterate its position as a significant contributor to Saudi Arabia's technological and digital transformation by presenting its newest and most advanced products and solutions.




SAMI-AEC has meticulously planned its exhibit, organizing it into four specialized zones: Smart Solutions, Cybersecurity Solutions, IT Services, and Manufacturing as a Service. These zones mirror the company’s multifaceted capabilities and its ambition to broaden its horizons by fostering and deepening ties with industry leaders.




Expressing his sentiments about the upcoming event, Eng. Ziad Al-Musallam, CEO of SAMI-AEC, stated, "GITEX GLOBAL 2023 marks our 19th year of committed participation, a clear indication of our unwavering drive to push the boundaries in ICT, IoT, managed cloud services, cybersecurity, and myriad digital solutions. This esteemed event will undoubtedly accentuate our prominence as the leading Saudi enterprise championing the cause of digital and electronics innovation.”




The Smart Solutions zone will be a focal point, illuminating SAMI-AEC's prowess in IoT-enabled solutions and Smart City technologies. Products showcased will encompass a wide range from the Smart Street Light, Smart Fire Detection, Waste Management, Video Analytics, to Asset Tracking. A highlight in this zone is the Smart Parking (MAWQFI) solution, a holistic mobile application catering to modern parking needs. Additionally, the zone will unveil the cutting-edge Smart Site Safety Solutions (4S) that introduces innovations like the Smart Shirt, Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS), and the superior HEMA surveillance system.




Another centerpiece will be SAMI-AEC's state-of-the-art cybersecurity center, a bastion against cyber threats. The center, equipped to detect, track, and neutralize cyber threats, will be showcased in all its glory. Tools like the uniquely developed Data Diode, ensuring secure data transfers, and the advanced MDR system will also be on display. The exhibit will further delve into the company's futuristic managed services, cloud computing systems, digital healthcare modules, innovative technologies spanning various industries, and unparalleled manufacturing capabilities.




Established in 1988, SAMI-AEC has cemented itself as a leader in electronics, technology, engineering, and manufacturing. The company's services span across sectors such as Defense and Aerospace, ICT, Energy, and Security. A robust workforce of over 2,800 individuals, with 85% being proficient Saudi nationals, forms the backbone of this enterprise. Of these, over 800 are engineers and certified experts, reaffirming SAMI-AEC's dedication to excellence and innovation.




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SAMI-AEC to Unveil Advanced Technologies at GITEX GLOBAL 2023

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