KSA and UAE data breach cost increased by 9.4% with 315 days as breach control time

Integrate secure cyber devices to eliminate malicious attacks

63% of data breaches come from exploiting weak points in a company’s customer and vendor network

Secure your devices from data breaches with physical and electrical separation

The ‘Turla’ backdoor attack bypassed well-configured firewalls, foreign security systems, ministries, and governments

Connect across your networks with backdoor-proof data protection

80% of firewall rule sets are such that they allow unauthorized inbound traffic to access firewalls

Connect across your networks with backdoor-proof data protection

How can Data Diodes Offer an Edge
to Your Cyber Networks?

  • Prevention of unauthorised access to internal networks
  • Data security that guarantees immunity to online attacks, malware, and ransomware
  • A secure channel for transferring data to external business networks
  • Segregating OT and IT networks for improved compliance

“Average Data Breach Cost in KSA and UAE is $6.52 Million”

About AEC Data Diode

AEC Data Diode is a hardware technology that establishes a one-way secure data transfer across critical networks to protect organizational data from unauthorized exposure, cyber risks, and malware damages that may impact the National Critical Infrastructure. The following components form the basis of data security in AEC Data Diode:

  • Multiple Communication Protocols- Syslog, SFTP, FTP, SCP
  • Proxy Servers for Internal Diode Communications
  • Unidirectional Network Gateway
  • Physical and Electrical Separation of Data
  • Multi-format Support on OT Networks

Data Diode- DD-S-E-001

Cross Domain- CD-S-E-001

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A Secure Channel

for Transmitting Cyber-critical Information

Decoding AEC Data Diode

A data security system that guarantees to immune organizational networks from online attacks or intrusions. AEC data diode can strengthen the cybersecurity core for critical industries.


Data Diode- Protection Mechanism

Since data diodes are essentially a hardware technology, it is impossible to launch online attacks on networks protected by data diodes.


Key Pillar of Cybersecurity

Data that is relevant to the security of a line of business, shared service, or group function needs to be protected from external threats and intrusions.


AEC Data Diode vs Firewalls

The primary distinction of data diodes in security assurance comes from their physical or hardware protection layer as against software-based firewalls.


Isolating IT and OT Networks

A data diode helps in transferring data from the external operational technology networks without exposing the OT networks to cyber risks.


Protection Of Critical National

Industries such as oil and gas, nuclear facilities, power plants, utilities, and other critical infrastructure store critical operational data.


Why AEC Data Diode

AEC Data Diode is a locally-developed cyber technology that securely transfers data between networks without exposing the internal networks to risks of intrusion, unauthorized access, or external threats.

  • Locally-developed Cyber Technology
  • Localized Technical Support and Assistance
  • Real-Time Visibility into Business Networks
  • Performance Warranty

A Key Endeavour in Localization

“AEC Data Diode is a locally-developed cyber technology with 100% protection against backdoor threats and intrusions. The technology is reinforcing confidence and building trust about the Kingdom’s local capabilities.”

Ziad Al Musallam President & CEO, AEC

Key Sectors

AEC Data Diode can accomplish mission-critical applications across a wide range of sectors: