Security Consultancy Services



AEC acts as an advisory for companies and organizations that want to ensure optimal security throughout the expanse of their operations. Our Security Consultancy Services are tailored to enhance the security posture and vigilance of the end-users.


Key Offerings
  • Supply Chain Security: It involves mitigation of threats, risks, and other externalities that could affect the integrity of the supply chain. Theft, fraudulent activities, physical attacks, and piracy are some of the common externalities that can affect supply chains.
  • Security Policy, Procedures, and Standards: Stipulation of security policies that are aligned with the business objectives, followed by audits and scrutiny to ensure security standards and procedures are duly followed.
  • Security Strategic Plans: Security strategic plans are meant to streamline the activities of people, employees, assets, and energy resources towards meeting the collective security goals of an organization.
  • Calibration of security systems: Configuration of physical security devices and systems to orient them to their respective functionalities.
  • Personnel Security: Advising companies and organizations on ways of developing a culture of self-initiated security measures amongst people and employees.
  • Security Hypotheses Testing: A complete analysis of the security posture to identify the loopholes in security systems and networks. Furthermore, Security Hypotheses Testing also helps in evaluating the effectiveness of countermeasures designed for security threats.
  • Security Plans: This includes ATC, emergence, and evacuation plans to deal with undue discrepancies and disruptive environments.
  • Gap Analyses: Analyzing the current performance of business processes, applications, and people to compare it against ideal performance metrics.
  • Security Org. Structure: Designing a custom security structure to match the overall structure of a business enterprise or organizations.
  • Verification and Assurance Certification: Evaluating products, systems, and solutions against specifications, requirements, and regulations stipulated by governments, industries, and certified authorities.