Function: This system ensures that untested and unverified files, URLs, components, and programs are executed without harming the host machine. Virtual Machines (VMs) act as “sandboxes” that contain malicious files or URLs, thus, preventing these malware attacks from entering the actual system.

Zero-Day Attacks: A flaw in hardware, software, or firmware that gets discovered when there is zero-time left to mitigate the attack.

How does sandboxing help? Once the files and URLs are analyzed by the host VM (Virtual Machine), the malware samples are safety executed in an isolated environment in the guest VM. Hence, continual testing and execution of files prevents the occurrence of zero-day.



  • Prior execution of files to test for malicious behavior before entering the local system.
  • Useful for forensics, incident response, and malware analysis.
  • Application Security
  • Monitoring Third-Party Sources