Physical Security Solutions


AEC’s Physical Security Solutions combine a range of technologies, systems, and infrastructure to create an impenetrable physical security net around security premises and physical systems.


Key Solutions

  • Security Command & Control
    AEC’s Command & Control services combine the synergies of intelligent automation, visualization, and advanced analytics in order to secure buildings and provide data-based recommendations for improved business outcomes, minimal risks, and reduced downtime.
  • Security Access Control
    Access control empowers companies by giving them control over who can view or use resources in a computing environment. Physical access control regulates access to physical IT assets such as campuses, buildings, and IT rooms, while logical access control restricts unauthorized connection to computer networks, data, and system files.


  • Perimeter and Facility Security
    This form of security is the primary line of defense in physical security infrastructure. It involves the installation of physical barriers, lockable gates, fences, and sensor cables that can detect intrusions or possible attacks to industrial facilities and private properties.


  • Security Video Analysis and Surveillance
    AEC’s Security Video Analysis and Surveillance systems offer a framework for capturing and analyzing images and videos of multiple environments. The images and videos can be sent over communication networks for enhanced analysis and surveillance. AEC’s Specialized IP Analysis and Surveillance cameras are also capable of facial recognition, video analytics, gait analysis, and emotion sensing.


  • Security Safety Systems
    AEC’s Security Safety Systems are aimed at managing abstract security dynamics such as plans, objectives, policies, procedures, responsibilities, and other measures. Industries such as petroleum, aviation, chemicals, and electricity generation, that are prone to major security risks, are the key end-users of security safety systems.