Monitoring and Screening



AEC’s Monitoring and Screening Solutions have been developed to protect the integrity of information systems and physical infrastructures across industrial premises, public utilities, and other sectors.


Key Solutions

Security X-ray Screening:

 Measurement of spatial distribution, flux, spectrum, and other properties of X-rays. These systems are used to detect the nature of articles, freight, and objects that enter into an industrial premise or zone. There are two sub-categories of X-ray Screening systems:

  • Imaging Detectors: Use of radiations to capture images
  • Dose Measuring Devices: Measurement of local radiation exposure


Security Detection Systems: This is a software-based security system which is configured to detect malicious activities that may affect the integrity of information systems. Security policy violations and system vulnerabilities can be diagnosed herein through a thorough analysis of system files. Security detection systems can also avert cyber threats originating from internet-based sources.