Early Warning and Observation System



AEC’s Early Warning and Observation System strengthens the integrity of defense operations by offering seamless communication between the target and observer. AEC has vested its core engineering capabilities to facilitate swift transfer of information about the observed targets through this system. Accuracy of information and security of transmission are the salient features of AEC’s custom in-house system.


Technical Specifications
Modes of Communication:

Cellular: Bidirectional communication that facilitates reception and transmission.

Satellite (VSAT): Use of a transceiver to send or receive signals through satellites.

Radio: Deploying radio waves to accomplish the process of information transfer.


Distinguishing Features
  • Enhanced security through data encryption
  • Bidirectional communication to help stay abreast with the battlefield environment while communicating with soldiers
  • Arabic interface to allow easy and quick understanding of information
  • Add-on Information:
    • Coordinates of the observer’s current location
    • Images of the target location
  • Integration with other devices