AEC Receives Best in Saudization Award in Manufacturing Sector from Saudi ARAMCO’s iktva Program

Riyadh, 27 March 2020: The Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) won the Excellence Award in the category of Best in Saudization in the Manufacturing Sector from the iktva Program by Saudi ARAMCO. The award was presented during the annual iktva Exhibition and Forum held in Dhahran Exhibition Center on 24 and 25 February 2020.

The iktva Excellence Awards recognize the efforts of the partners of Saudi ARAMCO who display continued outstanding performance in achieving local added value, which is part of the program adopted by ARAMCO. Award winners are considered role models for other companies through their contributions to supporting Saudi ARAMCO’s journey towards achieving its objectives, at the forefront of which is the localization of the supply chain by 70% and the increase of exports by 30% by the year 2021.

AEC’s winning of this award is a recognition of its efforts in supporting Saudi talents, as Saudis represent more than 80% of the company’s 1,200+ employees, including 300 trained, qualified, and certified Saudi engineers working across the company’s different departments.

AEC CEO Mr. Abdulaziz Al Duailej expressed his pride in this accomplishment, which represents the company’s directives to attract Saudi talents and develop their skills to build a professional national working team that supports and drives the company to the ranks of major global companies to fulfill the aspirations of the Kingdom’s leadership and realize the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

AEC is a Saudi leader in electronics, technology, and manufacturing. Established in 1988, it works in four main sectors: aerospace and defence, information and communications technology, energy and security.