AEC has been Licensed for Military Industries

The Saudi Military Industries Company (SAMI) and the Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) have obtained the first licenses for the practice of military manufacturing, issued by the General Authority for Military Industries.

For his part, Sami CEO Dr. Andreas Scheuer said during a press conference in Riyadh that the efforts and support of the General Authority for Military Industries local companies contribute to the "advancement of this strategic industry," stressing the commitment of both companies to support the strategy and programs of the Authority.

For his part, AEC CEO Abdul Aziz Al-Duailij said that the program of licensing the activities of military industries by the authority "represents the first steps to regulate the military sector in the Kingdom," where the organization contributes to the localization of 50% of the Kingdom's spending in the industrial sector. It helps to open the door for investment to local and foreign investors, which "represents a significant support for one of the important strategic sectors, and pushes them forward."

The Saudi Military Industries Company (SAMI) has achieved many successes, including the recent acquisition of Advanced Electronics Company (AEC), which will form the main structure of the company's defense electronics unit.