Advanced Electronics Company Welcomes Qualcomm’s Company Executive Team

As part of the strategic partnership between the Advanced Electronics Company and Qualcomm, a leading American company in the fields of designing and marketing telecommunications products and services, AEC  received at its headquarters this afternoon Qualcomm’s global executive team in a delegation that included Yasser Al-Saied Head of Global IOT Platforms and Ecosystems; Harry Garlapati, Business leader for Smart Metering and Tracking Technologies.

AEC welcomed its guests in a visit to get acquainted and explore the services, solutions and capabilities provided by both companies, and to explore ways of cooperation in the fields of IoT, Smart Meters, and 5G technology.

As part of the visit program the delegation toured AEC’s factory and the joint team discussed future means of cooperation and enhancing communication between the two companies, which will contribute to developing Saudi competencies and enhance the presence of AEC in the local market as one of the most important enablers for digital transformation and one of the largest incubators for training Saudi talents.