Renewable Energy


The renewable energy sector of Saudi Arabia has been expanding at a boisterous growth rate and we are constantly working towards complementing this growth. AEC believes that the strategic geographical location of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ideal for the production of renewable energy, especially solar power.


Our inbuilt solar energy solutions, products, and technologies are facilitators for Saudi Arabia’s Vision by 2030. PV Inverter technologies by AEC, based on solar energy photovoltaic systems, contribute in the growth of renewable energy development for Saudi Arabia’s energy sector.



Inbuilt Products


AEC pioneered the transfer of solar energy technologies across Saudi Arabia in 2010 and has since been making rapid strides in the solar industry. Our robust pool of talented Saudi engineers and technicians has developed state-of-the-art solar energy products.


  • Shams XP550-HV TL Outdoor Central PV Inverters

Designed and developed to offer protection under changing environments, these inverters come in handy for outdoor applications and have a power output of 550KW.


  • Solar Energy Container (Shams Plus):

With a range of 2.MW to 4.4 MW of power, Shams Plus is an all-in-one, plug-and-play solution with high protection IP65.


  • The Integrated Power Station

A set of switch gears, transformers, and inverters that produces 1MW to 4.4MW of power and is an apt fit for mobile power stations.


  • Solar Energy Off-Grid Solution (Shams Station)

Endowed with the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, Shams Station generates 6KW to 50KW of power and is suitable for remote area and military applications.