Industrial Automation


AEC has revolutionized industrial growth and productivity through provision of nimble and agile automation technologies. We believe that industrial productivity accelerates the wheel of national growth by garnering the trust of consumers, investors, and stakeholders.


We are proud of our accomplishments in the field of industrial automation and have been accredited with several certifications and recognition of global and national prestige. We have synchronized our capabilities with Saudi Arabia’s mission of achieving the objectives of Vision 2030.



Core Specialization:


  • Advance SCADA Solutions Automation

SCADA is a combination of network data communications, hardware and software capabilities, and user interfaces to control, regulate, and monitor industrial processes.

It provides dual benefits to industrial units in the form of localized supervision of in-house processes and remote monitoring of industrial tasks.


  • Industrial Systems Integration

A common portal that integrates disparate systems such as software applications and computing systems in order to create a broad-based and unified super-system.

It involves the use of key techniques such as enterprise application integration and business process management to improve response time and reduce operational costs.


  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Use of communication technologies, sensors, and actuators to integrate industrial devices, and gather key insights and analytic data for industrial processes. The control and scrutiny offered by IIoT has catapulted the productivity of industrial units.