ADDAD-7 Smart Meters



AEC’s IEC-Standard Multi Tariff Digital Energy Meters are capable of generating accurate measurements of energy and demand on an advanced LCD display. Encryption of metering information ensures high-level security for ADDAD-6 Meters, and hence, they can be accessed remotely.

Meter Parts and Components:

  • 3-Phase-4-Wires
  • 3-Phase-3-Wires
  • Transformer operated CT
  • CT-VT through connection meters


Salient Features

Measurement & Range
  • kWh, kvarh and kVAh digital metering in import and export directions
  • 20 to +70ºC operational temperature
Battery and Storage
  • Battery backup with capacitor
  • EEPROM-storage (Minimum data retention of 20 years)
Power Factor
  • Voltage per phase
  • Current per phase
  • Total three-phase active power
  • Total three-phase reactive power
  • Total three-phase apparent power
Communication Capabilities:
  • Optical Communication port complies with IEC62056-21 Mode E.
  • RS485
Other Specifications
  • 8 multiple tariffs according to time of use
  • Up to 620 special days
  • 20 regular days ((repeated every year e.g. national day)
  • 600 irregular days for 30 years (each year 20 days)
  • Utility Sealed battery door and reset switch.