NetworkOp Center Solutions



AEC’s NetworkOp Center Solutions maneuver complex networking environments spanning across computers, telecommunication systems, and satellites for organizations or entities. AEC offers comprehensive solutions for managing network environments, right from the inception to full-fledged deployment and control. Our NetworkOp Center Solutions assist companies, government entities, and public utilities in ensuring indefectible functioning of their networks.


AEC’s Infrastructural Support

Design and Planning

  • Site Inspection and Layout
  • Electrical and Utility Requirements
  • Safety mechanism


  • Cabling
  • Equipment Testing
  • Equipment Housing

Operations and Maintenance

  • Regular Calibration
  • Aligning Project Requirements
  • Critical Information Discharge


Key Benefits
  • Integration of multiple network into a unified frame
  • Central control over disparate systems
  • Reduced costs of operation
  • Increased return-on-investments
  • Simplified User Interface
  • Prevention of data-duplication


We have partnered with key providers of network management systems to offer the most apt solutions for clients. Information discharge can be conducted on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on-incident basis.

Key functionalities and services: 

  • Fault Management
  • Network Monitoring
  • Performance Analysis
  • Data Inventory