Fleet Management System - MADAR


System Rundown

AEC offers pinpoint control and accuracy in managing fleets of companies, government, and other organizations. Our systems are configured to track vehicles, measure routes, and scout deviations such as route violations and over-speeding. Monthly subscription to the services provided by AEC followed by installation of a tracking device in the vehicles can help companies towards continual observation of their maintenance schedules.


Salient Features

  • Arabic and English Language Support


History and Details
  • Live tracking of vehicles
  • History of Trips
  • Detailed reports about drivers, vehicles, trips, violations, and operation efficiency


Integration and Management
  • Live Statistical dashboards for specific vehicles or groups of vehicles
  • Custom access and administrative rights
  • Grouping of Vehicles
  • ERP integration
  • Vehicle integration with external devices:
    • Integration with navigation
    • Integration with CAN BUS devices
    • Integration with Trailer identification
    • Integration with driver identification
    • Integration with different sensors.


  • System Access from Multiple Devices (Phones, Laptops, PCs)s
  • Multiple Channels


Technical Specifications

GPS: Satellite-based navigation system for pinpoint tracking.

GSM: Digital Cellular Technology for mobile-based tracking and data services.

GIS: Geographical and spatial data for precision and control.