System Rundown:

The Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) by AEC monitors critical environmental conditions such as temperature, CO2, light, humidity, airflow, and smoke. The information gathered by EMS is sent to a centralized data center where meaningful data sets are processed for further use across various portals. The surveillance and defense operations of the military can attain greater scrutiny with the help of EMS.


Technical Specifications:

 Communication Modes:

  • Industrial RS485 field bus
  • Industrial ethernet communication
  • Radio links
  • GSM
  • Optical links
  • PSTN
  • Satellite communication

 Web Servers:

  • Internal
  • External


Distinguishing Features:

 Physical Characteristics:

  • Local/Remote displays
  • Alarms and exceptions displays
  • Large displays for all monitored values

 In-Built Features:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reporting and analysis tool

 Value-Added Features:

  • Alarm acknowledgement
  • Interoperable as standalone component and integrated system
  • Easy installation and relocation of field devices
  • Remote issuance of alarms in hazardous areas