SHAMS Solar Energy PV Inverter


System Rundown

SAMI-AEC has pioneered solar energy production in the Kingdom through the introduction of advanced solar technologies. Transfer of solar power across residential, industrial, and commercial longitudes holds tremendous potential for growth in Saudi Arabia.


System Components


Shams XP550-HV TL outdoor central PV inverters:
These inverters consist of well-defined technical components that are suitable for high-power output applications (up to 550 KW). Shams XP550-HV TL outdoor central PV inverters are designed to function under varying environmental conditions.


The Integrated Power System:
With a capacity of 1MW to 4.4MW, an integrated power station is mobile power generation solution equipped with transformers, switch gears, and inverters.


Solar Energy Container (Shams Plus):
With a capacity of 2.2 MW to 4.4 MW, this solution offers high protection (IP65) and is an easily operable, plug-and-play system.


Solar Energy Off-Grid Solution (Shams Station):
Endowed with a tremendous power capacity of 6KW to 50KW, the Shams Station is an apt fit for remote area and military applications as it can withstand harsh environments.