Pilot Display Unit (PDU)



Pilot Display Unit (PDU) is a key component of the flight information system that allows pilots to make recourses and navigation decisions. It is a Heads-Up Display provided in the front HAWK cockpit and does not require the pilots to look away from their field of view. PDU combines optical capabilities with electronic capabilities to give a holistic view about flights, attacks, and other externalities.


Technical Specifications
  • Depot Level Maintenance at AEC: Upgrading, Overhauling, and rebuilding of parts and assemblies, and testing/reclamation of equipment.
  • Line Replacement Unit (LRU): DPU is a modular aircraft component that can be swiftly replaced at operational location.
  • RCIP completed 2018: Pairing of controller nodes of two storage systems to effectuate better communication.


AEC Goes an Extra Mile

AEC has rolled out career pathways and programs for its human capital in order to train individuals and produce technical experts who can manufacture robust D&A products.