eMADAR Fleet Tracking Service



SAMI-AEC’s eMADAR Fleet Tracking Management Services combine the synergies of GSM, GPS, and GIS technologies in order to track a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. The end-users can gain pinpoint information about the location, speed, and heading direction of the vehicles. The customers are required to login to an online service portal that displays the particulars of all the vehicles registered under the service. The registered vehicles are equipped with a tracking device that helps in determining various parameters related to the vehicle.


Distinguishing Features

Operational Efficiency:

  • Live tracking of vehicles
  • Arabic and English language display
  • Trip history and records
  • Statistical dashboards about a vehicle/group of vehicles
  • Explicit reports covering information about trips, drivers, violations, and vehicles

 Administrative Efficiency:

  • Granting administrative rights to different users for managing the portal
  • Grouping of vehicles
  • Accessing the system from personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets
  • Multiple channels to support the system

 Integration Platforms: The system can be integrated with:

  • Navigation systems
  • CAN BUS devices
  • Trailer identification systems
  • Driver identification System
  • Sensors
  • ERP systems


  • Transportation companies
  • Delivery companies
  • Taxi service providers
  • Security companies
  • Car-leasing companies