Prototyping and Familiarization Device



AEC’s Prototyping and Familiarization Device creates a simulative environment for real aircrafts by building virtual capabilities to study several parameters related to defense and space operations. The development and integration of aircraft software for Operational flight Program (OFPs) can be done via this system.


TPFD Environmental Specifications
  • Portability of TPFD environment:
    • Operable through workstations or laptops
    • o Operable through virtual machines
  • Creation of test environment for OFPs
  • Provision of integration platforms for OFPs
  • Provision of mobile training device
Distinguishing Features
  • Quick and accurate prototyping of requirements even in disruptive environments
  • Familiarizing and accustoming aircrew to the functionalities and specifications of new missions
  • Scrutiny and analysis of incidents or aberrations
  • Ability to replay incidents
  • Ease of communication
  • Local support capabilities
  • Optimal output of efforts
  • Optimal utilization of time
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) definitions