Electronic Warfare


AEC’s electronics warfare segment ensures timely support and assistance during critical surveillance operations, emergency protocols, and warfare discrepancies.

Our dedicated team of young and dynamic Saudi engineers conducts studies and site surveys in order to stay abreast of the needs of the customers.

We pledge to develop human capabilities, increase local manufacturing, and provide tireless support to the Saudi Arabian military.


Core Specialization:


  • Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)

 AEC hosts a dedicated lab for testing and simulation of ELINT systems in order to provide advanced demos to customers prior to delivery. We have collaborated with DAS photonics in order to develop photonics-based ELINT systems.


  • Communications Intelligence (COMINT)

AEC analyses the specifics of communications such as voice data, encrypted messages, communication modes, frequencies, and location of communicating entities in order to optimize them for business-oriented intelligence. 


  • Passive Radar

Passive radars use third-party transmitters in the vicinity to send/receive signals and overcome the limitation of low-frequency. The use of Radio Broadcast Transmitters and GSM towers for transmission comes under passive radar operations.