AEC has transcended as a launch pad for consolidating the military of Saudi Arabia through provision of prudent C4ISR solutions and services. We have collaborated with several industry leaders in order to resonate with the needs of the national military and fortify national defense operations. Our C4ISR (Command and Control-Communication-Computing-Cybersecurity-Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance) Solutions provide situational awareness to the defense forces and help them in making quick decisions.


Apart from developing in-house and integrated solutions to tackle the challenges faced by the armed forces, our C4ISR segment also provides after-sales services to maintain the integrity of our defense operations. We have emerged as a regional leader in the domain of C4ISR by inducting communication and network architects, system programmers and developers, and cyber-security architects within our employee mix. This has also helped us in becoming a stronger proponent of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Core Specialization


Air Observation System:

This is an Early Warning System (EWS) that fetches information from isolated geographical areas that cannot be covered by strategic radars due to terrain restrictions. Air observation systems are designed for swift relay of encrypted messages to issue warnings against suspicious intrusions.


MADAR Blue Force Tracking System:

This is a subsystem installed in tanks and armored vehicles that generates visual information about key parameters such as external operational picture, troop positioning, and environmental conditions.

E&D Capabilities and Services


AEC’s Engineering and Development Department has continually assimilated key technical competencies such as software/hardware development, system integration, and engineering consultation services in order to outreach all previous standards of technical expertise.


The E&D department also acts as a cradle for the success of business units by encouraging innovation, creativity, and customer-centric execution. We have encapsulated world-class methodologies and technical support staff to offer products and services of the highest accord.


E&D Functionalities:


  • System Engineering Services
  • Mechanical Development and Technical Support
  • Hardware Development Services
  • Software Development Services
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Portfolio, Program, and Project Management