Avionics LRU



AEC offers modularity of repair and replacement within avionics through Line Replacement Units (LRUs). Avionic LRUs are components of aircrafts, spacecrafts, or artificial satellites that can be replaced at the operational site to ensure unhindered functioning of national avionic forces. Avionic LRUs provide a solid backing to avionic systems and subsystems such as Display, Control, Communication, Surveillance Radar, IFF, and Landing systems.


AEC’s Technical Expertise
  • Intermediate-Level Repair at AEC
  • Line Replacement Unit (LRU)
  • Sub Replacement Unit (SRU)


Key Services
  • Repair of avionic systems via LRUs
  • Implementation of avionic systems and subsystems
  • Restoring avionic systems to operation-ready condition
  • Optimization of avionic systems
  • Technical support services