Remote Monitoring & Control (SSCADA)

Seamless control of industrial applications.
Remote Monitoring & Control area is responsible for developing industrial monitoring and control systems that monitor field devices. The field devices provided in the systems have ranges of functionality that suits the purpose of most industrial applications.
These systems support interfaces to any industrial systems with a standard interface such as OPC, Mode Bus, Field Bus etc. It adds the capability to interface with existing SCADA systems. These solutions allow both wire and wireless communication. Our solutions help our customers in automating their process plants. We provide customised solutions as per customers’ needs and requirements in the fields of manufacturing, plant automation and industrial applications.
Some of AEC system features:
  • Informative and easy to operate user interface
  • Highly reliable reporting of equipment status and fault information
  • Supports communications via standard PSTN and GSM networks, GPRS and satellite providing the most cost effective use of the communications infrastructure
  • Client server architecture with web support
  • Design support for distributed and centralized systems
  • Open architecture to guarantee flexibility while maintaining reliability and scalability
  • Field communication through point to point communication or spread spectrum
  • Communication through industrial RS485 field bus, industrial Ethernet communication, radio links, GSM, LAN/WAN, optical links, PSTN, and satellite communication.
  • Strong user authentication and verification methods
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Buildings (hospitals, factories, hotels, stores, malls)
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Electricity companies
  • Telecom companies
  • Process lines
  • Water & waste water companies
  • Remote security and surveillance

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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