Power Management System

A powerful solution to growing business needs.
We provide a collection of Industrial and Standard Power Systems designed with state-of-the-art technology, supporting wide ranges from 250 VA up to several 1000 KVA and conforming to highest quality standards.
Industrial UPS systems provide complete AC and DC High Power backup systems for critical processes and applications.
Key advantages
  • Easy to use and maintain, compliant with all international standards
  • True on-line double conversion UPS provides high power quality and reliability
  • Single and three phase applications
  • Measurements of voltages, currents and frequencies
  • Automatic battery test and failure alarm
  • SNMP interface for remote monitoring and control via PC
DC Battery Chargers
Single phase input Thyristor Controlled Rectifiers using modular technology for optimal charging of lead acid and nickel-cadmium batteries.
Key advantages:
  • Wide DC voltage range
  • Automatic and manual high rate charge with timer
  • Standard protection
  • Standard alarms
  • Potential free contact
  • Additional meters and alarms
  • Over temperature protection
Thyristor Controlled Rectifiers using advanced digital control technology for user-friendly operations, flexible interfaces and superior control features.
Key advantages:
  • Wide DC voltage range
  • Fully digital controlled
  • 4-line LCD and keyboard
  • Mimic display, LED alarm and status indication
  • Event history with timestamp (up to 500 entries)
  • Battery current limitation
  • Automatic and manual battery test
  • Standard alarms and meters
Industrial and standard range of inverters with wide DC voltage tolerance for optimal battery capacity use, and high overload capabilities.
Key advantages:
  • Wide DC voltage tolerance for optimal battery capacity use, low voltage shut-down
  • High overload capability
  • Short circuit proof output
  • Fully digital controlled
  • LED alarm and status indication
  • Event history with time stamp for up to 500 entries
  • Standard alarms and meters 

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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