M2M & Telemetry Systems

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) provides reliability in Telemetry and SCADA applications and solutions.
At AEC we deliver unparalleled machine to machine (M2M) solutions that suit both business and home needs. M2M solutions provide today’s business market with the speed and reliability it needs to seamlessly conduct its business without any overhead in manpower, time or cost.
AEC’s M2M systems can improve the throughput of any industry requiring remote administration and monitoring of distributed assets.

Some of the many fields that benefit from M2M solutions are as follows:
  • Medical Equipment
  • Agricultural Installations
  • Traffic Control
  • ATM Monitoring
Key advantages of our M2M &Telemetry Systems:
  • Process independent. Can be installed in any environment and can serve any purpose, from business to home automation and surveillance
  • Support for virtually all types of wireless communication networks, including GSM, wireless LAN, RF, satellite, GPRS and private radio
  • Ability to integrate with many devices and systems, so that there is no need for complete new installations
  • Ability to customize the solution to fit customer’s requirements
  • Competitive pricing and excellent support

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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