Flow Management (U-System)

Precise measurement and data analysis of different liquid types including water, petroleum products and organic oils.
Flow Management (U-System) provides a highly accurate, direct and rapid measurement of the propellant mass flow rate consumption using different measurement technologies including (ultrasonic, pressure, direct)
This  AEC system can be used in different  applications including:
  • Leakage detection
  • Contamination detection
  • Intelligent liquid storage systems
Some of AEC system features:
  • The system monitors the flow rate and then calculates the density to identify the liquid  type in a pipe that carries different types of liquids
  • Expandable to interface with any field devices/sensors
  • Adaptable and Manageable
  • User friendly interface
  • High Security system
  • Controls other outputs such as MOVs.
  • Easily installed without pipe cutting and process interruptions.
  • No effects on flow-rate
  • No effects on pressure drop
  • No moving parts
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Flow rate measurement
  • Velocity of running liquid measurement
  • Density measurement
  • Viscosity measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Liquid type measurement
  • Liquids interfaces measurement

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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