Fleet Management System - MADAR

A combination of technologies to locate vehicles.
MADAR is an advanced fleet management and tracking system developed internally at AEC.

It combines GPS, GIS and communication technologies to provide the user with efficient vehicle location and information. It provides a set of powerful tools that enables the user to manage vehicles interactively while they are on duty. In addition, it provides detailed analysis of the whole fleet performance.
  • Live vehicle tracking: provides real-time updates on vehicle location and status through the live vehicle monitoring tool
  • Trip Playback: Using the playback session, the user can replay any trip of any vehicle at any selected period
  • Detailed and summarised reports
  • Provides full information and statistics about the vehicles' usage, drivers' utilisation, and trips information in graphical charts
  • Geography: Integrated geographical information and identification of map features (areas, regions, streets etc)
  • Ability to configure any vehicle remotely
  • Automatic time based reports: providing the user with the ability to receive timely reports (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) through email in multiple formats (html, pdf, doc, xls)
  • Vehicle grouping: Provides the user with the ability to group vehicles in the fleet and manage these groups accordingly
  • Web Based Client: MADAR web client can be accessed anytime, anywhere, through an enhanced web client
  • Multi user: More than one user can access the system at the same time efficiently. Every user can have his set of vehicles to control and manage. All of this is done through a robust security system
  • Secure: Every user has his own login name and password as well as his own privileges of viewing, tracking and programming vehicles
  • MADAR can be adapted to fit any company needs. It can use any communication medium (SMS, GPRS, Radio, etc)
  • MADAR supports both Arabic and English languages
  • MADAR is customisable to fit clients' specific requirements 

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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