Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)

Live Monitoring and Reporting of critical environmental conditions for both indoor and outdoor areas.
Our Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) enables the user to monitor the indoor and outdoor environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration and send this information via wired/wireless communication media to a centralised data center were the users can display the readings on a local or published website.
Some of our EMS system features include:
  • Weather Parameters monitoring (e.g. Temperature, Humidity, CO2)
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Local/remote Displays
  • Alarms and exceptions display
  • Alarm acknowledgement
  • Reporting & analysis tools
  • Works as a standalone component as well as system integrated
  • Communication through industrial RS485 field bus, industrial ethernet communication, radio links, GSM, LAN/WAN, optical links, PSTN and satellite communication
  • Large Local Displays for all monitored values
  • Easy installation and relocation of field devices
  • Remotely issues alarm in hazard areas
  • Monitoring through internal and external web server

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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