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eMADAR Fleet Tracking Service

eMADAR fleet tracking services help the companies to track the location of their vehicles, monitor the violations, observe the maintenance schedules and receive all kinds of violations without the need to have a sophisticated IT. All of this is done through a subscription to a monthly service and installing a device in the vehicle.
eMADAR service is a state of the art service that integrate new technologies such as GPS, GSM and GIS to allow the user to track his vehicle and control it. The service is accessed through the internet by logging into the service and then monitoring the vehicles that are registered with the company.
  • Tracking for Transportation companies with ability to monitor different parameters like temperature and computer CAN BUS
  • Tracking for delivery companies (service can be integrated to navigation systems
  • Tracking for Taxi (by adding a dispatching system)
  • Tracking for Security companies (like money transfer companies)
  • Tracking for car leasing companies.
  • Support for Arabic and English Languages
  • Live tracking of vehicles
  • Playing back historical trips
  • Detailed and summary reports about drivers, vehicles, trips, violations, operation efficiency…etc.
  • Live Statistical dashboards about a specific vehicle or a group of vehicles
  • Administrative capabilities that allows the administrator to create different users with different rights
  • Ability to group vehicles into different groups
  • Ability for integration with external devices (integration with navigation, integration with CAN BUS devices, integration with Trailer identification, integration with driver identification, integration with different sensors.
  • Ability to integration with different systems like ERP.
  • System can be accessed through internet browsers from personal computers, mobile phone or tablets.
  • Different channels for supporting the system

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