Customisation is the key to customer satisfaction in today’s world. 
We at AEC have been able to create world-class telecommunication capabilities with a focus on the regional market. Our Telecom Value Added Services provide highly efficient and tailored Value Added Services (VAS) that are customised to the needs of the local market. We offer a wide variety of VAS that includes Location Services, Multimedia Services, Text Messaging Services & other revenue generating applications.

Location Enabled Applications:
  • MadarFleet Management
  • MadarTracker
  • MadarEmergency
  • MadarNavigation
Multimedia Messaging Applications:
  • Unified Messaging System
  • Multimedia Advertisement
  • Individuals Advertisements
Text Messaging Applications:
  • Group Messaging
  • Bulk Messaging Revenue Generating Applications
  • Customisable Ring Back Tones
  • Pay For Me
  • Conference Call For Mobile

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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