Project Management Services

Great partnerships thrive with trust. Knowledge and experience brings trust into the equation.
With expertise and experience in key IT disciplines such as Networking, Systems, Storage, Security and Enterprise Management, we are able to offer assessment, in-depth analysis, appropriate business recommendations plus a detailed plan on how to implement these recommendations.

Our highly trained and qualified consultants have gained a thorough understanding of the challenges affecting mission critical and complex IT infrastructure in a variety of industries.

Our select IT Infrastructure Consultancy Services include:
  • IP Communications
  • Networking Assessment and Optimisation
  • Systems Consolidation
  • Security Awareness Programmes
  • Security Policy Development Architecture
  • Information Security Audit
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services 
To ensure the effective delivery of our Consultancy Service, we follow a structured methodology. In addition, each consultancy engagement is closely monitored by our Programme Management Office to ensure complete client satisfaction.

At AEC we use various tools and data collection methods to produce a comprehensive document detailing the client’s business requirements and current IT environment.

Assessed results are compared and analysed against best practices, international standards and AEC’s own accumulated experience from similar projects.

We provide a detailed report, or road map containing the steps that are necessary to align IT needs with business requirements. The road map takes into consideration emerging technologies, international standards, training requirements and full risk analysis. Our consultancy delivery methodology results in nothing less than a clear strategy on how to implement the IT infrastructure changes required to meet the strategic business objectives.
Our consultancy services provide a series of reports and presentations culminating in a road map that helps you understand three vital pieces of information, such as:
  • The current status of your IT environment
  • The changes required to ensure your IT infrastructure fulfils your particular strategic need
  • A long-term blueprint to achieve this strategic change 

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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