Manufacturing Operation Services

Quality is a non negotiable attribute in the manufacturing process.
  • Modern factory meeting military and industrial standards 
  • Highly skilled and qualified workforce 
  • Automated SMT and through hole board assembly (i.e. double-sided, multi-layered and high-density board) 
  • Environmental testing capability 
  • TPS (Test Prog. Set) developments for Board, Module and LRU levels 
  • System integration and testing
  • Sub and final assemblies 
  • Cable and wire harness 
  • Conformal coating and electro-less plating 
  • Manufacturing support 
  • Mechanical tools/fixtures design and fabrication
  • Real time WIP tracking
  • Continuous improvement through lean manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Module/systems level assembly
  • In-circuit/functional/system level tests
  • Staging and prefabrication
  • Electronic repairs and upgrades
  • Spare parts management

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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