Managed Services

Accountability is the ability to deal with challenges end-to-end.
Our Managed Services deliver complete IT solutions that address client’s business needs. Our expertise in mission critical infrastructure across a variety of business lines such as Networking, Systems, Storage, Security and Enterprise Management, enables us to provide comprehensive outsourcing solutions.
Through this approach, we take full accountability of the service provided, based on agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs). This allows our client to:
  • Focus on its core competency
  • Ensure that its service is well-managed
  • Reduce costs
  • Launch new services faster and more cost effectively
  • Have more predictable performance 

Technical Support

Our Technical Support service offers a Kingdom-wide, comprehensive maintenance program, which takes complete management of the day-to-day challenges that arise within the hardware and software of the IT infrastructure. Our vast experience in the IT infrastructure arena enables us to offer our Technical Support services across a number of disciplines including Networking, Storage, Systems, Security and Enterprise Management.

Operations Management

The Operation Management service provides complete end-to-end management of existing people, processes and technology components within the IT operation. It also extends to Vendor Management, Change Management, Quality Assurance and Process Enhancement. Operation Management ensures that an IT infrastructure is kept at the highest level of availability by certified professionals providing maximum business continuity.

Managed Services Delivery Methodology

To ensure the effective delivery of our Outsourcing Service, we follow best practice methodology. In addition, each outsourcing engagement is closely monitored by our Project Management Office to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Study Environment

Successful outsourcing requires an evaluation of the current IT environment to determine the appropriate resources, processes and technology.
Our professional experts in outsourcing engage with you to extract and document among others: the IT inventory, a skill set classification of the existing staff and an assessment of the equipment, processes and applications.


Mobilisation consists of putting in place the people, processes and technology required to operate and support the IT operations for the entire period of the engagement. Every effort is made to reduce the mobilisation period to a minimum.


The operation manager, responsible for task allocation and service delivery, is assigned to manage daily operations. This kind of management system enables us to meet and exceed our Service Level Agreements (SLA). The operation manager is also the one stop customer contact point and produces regular SLA compliance and performance reports.


Supported by the consultancy team, the operation manager regularly reviews the SLA compliance reports and acts accordingly to reduce deviations from the agreement and to enhance the operation.

Technical Support

We ensure the continuous operation of businesses through the provision of a fully maintained IT infrastructure. Our Technical Support comprises:

Planned Preventive Maintenance

Regular inspection of the IT infrastructure, producing recommendations on corrective actions or an action plan to resolve more serious challenges. Our field services ensure that the right skill is available at the right time in the right place to maintain business continuity and avoid interruption of service. Our team is planned, sized and geographically distributed based on the business need and criticality.

Reactive Support Service Levels

A comprehensive range of support alternatives managed by SLA provisions for Response and Resolve incidents.
We use a multi-tiered reactive support model that is based on three layers:

  • Tier 1 Support: This represents the 1st level of support and interfaces with the client. It typically resolves 70-80% of the service problems and faults. If this tier fails to resolve the issue within a specified time it escalates to the next tier
  • Tier 2 Support: This tier consists of more experienced and knowledgeable personnel in specific knowledge areas. They conduct additional in depth analysis for the escalated issues and resolve most of them before finding it necessary to escalate to the third tier 
  • Tier 3 Support: Tier 3 support is provided remotely by the hardware/software vendor. It handles a small percentage of the problems and faults that could not be resolved by the above two tiers

Spare Parts Management

Spare Parts Management is a vital component in service operations. We manage the whole supply chain and size our inventory based on business criticality and SLA requirements. We have an inventory management system that has proven to be successful over years of repair and maintenance experience. Our warehouses can be either centralised or geographically distributed to fulfil different business needs.

SLA Maintenance and Compliance

Service Level Management is the management and monitoring of the level of service against the SLA KPIs. It is an essential component of a managed service to ensure that the provided service meets and excels the client expectations. It benchmarks actual performance to predefined expectations to determine appropriate actions and generate service reports.

Operations Management

For us this means nothing less than the complete end-to-end management of resources, people, processes, vendors, quality assurance, technology and change management involved in the outsourced IT operation.

Skilled Human Resource

Sourcing and managing the right people for the task within budgetary and time constraints. We provide a range of Telecom and IT resources such as:

  • Senior Telecom & ICT consultants 
  • ICT resources certified on Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, EMC, HP etc. 
  • Certified Project and Program Managers 
  • Senior RF Engineers 
  • Switching and Optimisation Engineers 
  • Field Technicians/Drive Testers 

Process Development and Management

Developing, managing and executing the operational processes and procedures in accordance with international standards such as ITIL to govern and control the IT operation effectively. This facilitates the monitoring of deviations from standards, resulting in continuous process improvement.

Vendor Management

Managing all the interactions and relations with the vendors involved in providing the agreed upon products and services. This also includes searching for alternative vendors to minimise single vendor dependence and to meet new technology requirements.

Quality Control

Ensuring strict compliance of the operation adhering tothe stated quality assurance system and guidelines.

Technology Support

Provision of technological solutions and services, including advice on system upgrades, integration, migration and new products required to keep the IT operation in line with business demands.

Change Management

Managing change of people, processes or technology in a complex and critical environments is essential. Based on best practices, we use tools and techniques to manage the change effectively to minimise risks.



  • Infrastructure Operations
  • Datacenter Operations
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Managed Storage, Backup, Disaster Recovery
  • Help Desks
  • Patch Management
  • Managed Security Services
  • Software License Management
  • NOC Services 
  • Warranty Management
  • Hardware as a service 
  • Managed Database Services
  • SLA Management and Compliance
  • Vendor Management 
  • Spare Parts Management

Applicable in following Business Areas:


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