BAE Systems’ KSA Industrialisation Drive Continues with GE Aviation and Advanced Electronics Company

Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) has been working closely with GE Aviation to localize manufacture and support of GE’s Multi-Function Display (MFD) and Pilot Display Unit (PDU) for the Saudi Hawk. 
Under contract from BAE Systems for the RSAF Hawk platform, AEC have been accredited by GE Aviation to build critical and highly complex aircraft modules for the GE Aviation Multi-Function Display (MFD). The delivery of these modules for the RSAF Hawk Batch II aircraft order has recently been completed to GE Aviation in Cheltenham UK. Delivery of the MFD’s, including AEC modules, is proceeding to schedule with the initial completed displays now shipped to Saudi Arabia.
In addition, and in recognition of the growing relationship between BAE Systems, GE Aviation and AEC work is also well advanced to accredit AEC to manufacture and assemble the GE Aviation Head Up Display for the aircraft. This significant equipment on the Hawk will be fully manufactured and built in Riyadh and will demonstrate AECs capability in electro mechanical and optical aerospace manufacture. Initial deliveries are planned before the end of 2017.
These programs demonstrate a strong commitment by BAE Systems and GE Aviation to the continued growth of AEC’s Industrialized capabilities and the local economy, and see this achievement as an important and continued step forward in developing innovative solutions as part of the Saudi Arabian Government’s 2030 Vision.
This positive development is the result of great teamwork and collaboration by all parties and is very much in line with GE Aviation’s clear commitment to support the aims of Saudi Vision 2030 by transferring skills and know-how. Looking to the future, GE will continue collaborate with AEC for further ‘Through Life’ opportunities across the Hawk program. 

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