The AEC Strategy Core


While we have had robust growth organically, we have diversified ‘non-organically’ as well in strategic business areas through JVs and key strategic partnerships.

At AEC we have always believed in developing a stakeholder focused strategy by taking into account of the market and sector we operate in. Plans, objectives and processes are regularly upgraded so as to align to the core strategy.

Our strategy is prioritized into three fundamentals

Focusing on core competencies
Accelerating revenue growth
Developing a lean organisation and reducing organisational bottlenecks   

As a company our corporate objectives represent how we deliver our business goals.

Our Strategic Objectives


To achieve continuous growth in sales and profits

To increase sales share of AEC’s repair business

To develop closer working relationships with our customers

To maintain a highly productive workforce

To become a lean and learning organisation

We follow a well developed strategy monitoring process, based on Balance Scorecard (BSC) to track strategy execution.